Princess Nokia – Green Eggs & Ham Lyrics

Princess Nokia – Green Eggs & Ham Lyrics

Green eggs and ham
Sam I am
I’m the man
With the plan
Toast and jam
Sunny D
You and me
Socks on feet

Love my inner child
Kool-Aid smile
I been like this
For a while
Going into town
Gonna find a crowd
Right by the kids in the park with the style
Swing till it’s dark
Hit the block
Run from the cops
Don’t get knocked
By these ops
F— the cops
F— the cops
F— the cops

Looking for the fun
Can you blame me?
Like to make jokes
But they think that I’m crazy
I know I’m perfect the way that God has made me
And I thank my parents for the life they gave me
Have you told your parents that you love them lately?
I look like my mama in the 1980s
If I’ve been bad, well, please forgive me
I remember when my granny use to hit me
Public school and two thanksgivings
Purple corduroys with the matching ribbons
Lil puffy jacket and the t-shirt gilded

Wake up in the morning
Look into the fridge
Grab some eggs out
Breakfast it is
I’m still a kid
But kids are fun
Nice cup of OJ
Orange and sun
Frying pan in my hand
Green eggs and some ham
Yes, I’m Sam I am
Yes, I’m Sam I am

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