Methyl Ethel – Majestic AF Lyrics

Methyl Ethel – Majestic AF Lyrics

So here you are
Older than them
Growing apart
And I can only hope you find
A reason for the grind

What if you work all night
Building a life?
Carved of your hand
Broke at the back
You’ll work until you die
No doubt in my mind

Although the B-Side is real
It will come and go
So, lift up from the floor
Your heavy body will react
Now, Don’t breath black fumes

I’m sunk by a thousand thoughts like;
I don’t know why you didn’t try?
A bottomless sty of worry
An idle goodbye, you didn’t talk
A bottled up Leviathan
So far, so gone

Back off the hurt
You’re out of line
Anyone? Say;
When it comes, it comes and grows
With a common goal
A god turning me down

A while before a heart attack comes
To shatter a family of four
You’ll try to reconnect
With anyone you’ve known
To tell them;
I don’t know why
Whose left alive?
When you meet outside
The meeting’s tough
Then it’s back to bye-bye
I don’t know just why I’m sad for no reason?
Cooling and closed

You’re down, not fine
From beating you back in the purge
Pulling me down too
And what have we got huh?
About time to breathe a hopeful sum
Of welcome
Before the world is gone
Don’t know, maybe?
They’re telling me,
But I don’t know why,
Are you scared in time
Of what will come of you?
Or just happy in denial?

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