ABYSMAL DAWN – The Path Of The Totalitarian Lyrics

ABYSMAL DAWN – The Path Of The Totalitarian Lyrics

Vulgar masses
Senseless bickering sheep
The blind are led to their destruction
A billion voices
Cry at once for their turn to speak
Distracted and destined to be controlled

Gripped in fear
The numbness turns to hate
We are our own common enemy
The willfully blind are destined to repeat
Mistakes we made long before

Man made gods were sent to rule the weak
They thrive amongst the chaos and disorder
Thinking minds are rendered obsolete
Ignorant and ripe to be controlled

Criticize / petrify
Hypnotize / mollify
Mechanize / follow blind
Live a lie / fantasize
Stupefied / bred to die
Voluntary genocide

Live a lie
Voluntary genocide

Sewn shut eyes cannot see
The truth before them
Deafened ears cannot hear
The cries of fraud
Severed tongues cannot speak
The words of reason
Vacant minds can’t perceive
What’s really going on

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