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Vin Jay & Cryptic Wisdom – Shut Em Down Lyrics

Vin Jay & Cryptic Wisdom – Shut Em Down Lyrics

I’ve been on the bottom
Feeling nothing but ambitious
I’ve been on my grind
For that number one position

Said that I should get a label
But it’s under some conditions
Tell them suck a d**k
And mind your mother f**king business

I’m the trillest, yo
Knee deep in the game and invested
Ain’t nobody want him
But I came and blessed it, yea
Came with a bang and I wrecked s**t
Y’all just rap for the fame and affection
Put them on their back like violent shooters
Wanna be the boss, better find consumers
Spread your lies and rumors
I’ma still be winning, Hallelujah

Why’d he have to go be this savage
I’ve been dope but I seen y’all haven’t
Rhyme the most I got lethal talent
Adios, they gon’ see the kid vanish, yea

Coming and killing the business
Spit and deliver the sickness
Kill them by filling prescriptions
Y’all have been living a bitter existence

Follow my lead
Come ride with the beast
When I get in my zone
No stopping the heat
Y’all finna get burn
Don’t bother, capeesh
Don’t ride y’all wave
Tsunami the beat
Brush it off but
No dust homie
Y’all want smoke
You better puff slowly
I’m in the gym
Like a young Kobe
Till I’m on the map
And y’all f**king know me
Let’s go

Hey, I’ve been on the way
F**k with me I got plenty to say
We shut ’em down
Hey, I’m ready to go
F**k with me I’ve got plenty to blow


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