Boy In Space – Caroline Lyrics

Caroline, Caroline
On my mind stuck for life
I don’t think I’ll ever forget you
Oh, in my eyes tears of mine
Take my heart and my life
Caroline tonight I need to hold you

Sometimes yeah it hurts but does it really matter?
I’ve been having dreams and it feels like wonderland
Sometimes I just wish that you would wear my sweater
But I’ve been holding on for too long with slippery hands

Oooo love me like I love you
But you walk out of my life

Oooo but I can understand you
I’m not your guy who am I

If I could make a wish I would get courage to tell ya
The ghost under my bed tells me don’t you even try
And if I had a bird I would send a thousand letters
But I ain’t got a thing cuz you’re not here by my side

I don’t think I’ll ever forget you, Caroline

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