Royce da 5’9″ – Upside Down Lyrics

Royce da 5’9″ – Upside Down Lyrics

Upside down, upside down, down
Upside down, upside down

When you pull up, will you pull it
Are you the shooter, trigger puller
Do you back up what you say you do?
Or mister shoulda, woulda
Do you give back to the hood
You find my [?]
When you got beef, do you stand or run?
Or talk from your computer?
Do you boss up, put your people on?
Or hate ’cause you can’t do it?
Will you speak the truth to power?
Or be silent, bite the bullet?
Which one are you?
Which one are you?

Why the gay n—– tryna f— the straight n—–?
Just tryna f— the gay b—— that look just like the straight n—–
While the straight n—– that the gay b—— tryna look just like
Tryna look, just like the gay n—–, I must look just like the grave diggers
You think you the people’s champ ’cause people playin’ your single
But I don’t think that you can keep playin’ with me though
‘Cause every time I squeeze a damn 3-4
That’s the reaper playin’ bingo
That’s a kilogram, wrapped up on the Peter Pan Prevost
Whoever think I’m here to make some corny a– radio, Viacom jingle
Got my whole diatribe tangled
Sittin’ high up on them tires, on my high horse, I’m Django
Likin’ by white powder, John Stamos
Probably the only artist, who can father time, John Amos
Rapper God or [?] Comic-Con [?]
Committin’ lyrical homicide, while beside Premo
To the dominants, I’m Drano
To the genre, I’m Thanos
Any spitter think he sicker than that, I have the antidote
Take it back to when it was eights in the pack
Kidnap you over that lil’ rap you wrote
Leave your family take in the back
By the handsome quote, that I left on that ransom note
I ain’t one of these dude, who computer screen beefin’
Gorilla n—-, killin’ his Twitter TL
Verbal abusin’ females
Bill Maher use the term “n—-” so loosely
‘Cause truthfully, he know that he be usin’ it on the DL
Louis C.K. know he can use it in front of Pookie
But know damn well that he wouldn’t use it in front of DL
White kids graduate to relationships with a ton of perks
Black kids, just aggravated and had to take a ton of perks
You come to church the first and twenty-first
And when it come to dirt
Gucci ain’t the only one’s puttin’ black faces on front of shirts
Black women wanna be built like cartoon characters, Eric Cartman
That bears a strikin’ ressemblance to Saartjie Baartman

Now Google that when you get a chance
You gon’ find out America’s heartless
Remember, the effort has to go into the art
Not the wave
Everybody talking ’bout they own their masters
But if the music don’t age well
It don’t matter, it’s like you own a hundred percent of nothing
Know your value

The Butcher comin’ n—-
All them times, you gave ’em your best
Got you complicatin’ your stress
Cash rules, your last move got ’em contemplatin’ your next
I’m the one behind the wheel when them conversations go left
I need violence, machin wilin’, I’m okay with a TEC
What’s the difference from a n—- who lived it and storytellers
Of course we felon, sold a brick wider than Tory Spelling
Roll with killers, nobody on my block was poorer than us
I put a fork in the pot and got all your folk feeling, uh
You hitter clap tools, over VVS jewels
White kids [?] at school, when the [?] lose
Became a legend for the [?] that you ain’t believe I’d do
And for mornings, I never ate, unless they feed me at school, uh-uh
Servin’ out pots, had me turnin’ out blocks
It’s Griselda, n—-
You know we the firm without Fox
Everything about timing and I was turnin’ my clock
‘Cause n—– out now grindin’, tryna earn what I got, uh
Stick to the script, my advantage was hustle
So I’m savin’ up the muscle
I’m endin’ careers, I have cancelled a couple
The shooter cross the Atlantic to touch you
Rubber bands in the duffle
With both hands full, I ain’t panick, I juggle
I’m very confident, y’all barely poppin’ it, uh
Young n—- street, [?] project [?] like Kerry Washington
Jail backstab in the [?], I took a consequence
Yard big enough at the crib to burry to hostages