DigDat – 6ix 9ine Lyrics

DigDat – 6ix 9ine Lyrics

Ay CZR, you did a mazza still
Like, like

My fiend say I got top gear like F1
Blue Moncler or my red one
Bro let it beat like M1
Pray for a redrum but he didn’t get one
If you shoot like Eto’o
Got his gloves on, grip this twelve
Got bro on the wing with the S.O
‘Cause he got nicked with a shell
S press on grab locks TT’s
Got hotspot like BT
If I step with six in the nine
Let it sing like FEFE
Don’t wanna see me
My new ting brown like RiRi
Step out fleeky, lovin’ my VV
Still make money when I wake up
Count these bands when I wake up

Buss down Cuban, came with a pocket one
Of all these tops now I’ve only got the bottom one
Didn’t trust that grub, body lockin’ some
I’ll wait for the proper one to come
Hand ting with the drum
Stay, get shot or run

Push button ting, no key in the whip
Pulled up, it was me on that strip
She a one night ting, I won’t do her again
Like, babes can I get me a friend
Drop that top, ten bags on the dash
When I’m slappin’ the Benz
Keeps callin’, can I get a tester?
Switch that Vespa, he wants one extra

Just sold me a corner
Now it’s snowin’ prawn tempura
Four on a door, let it dry on a saucer
Bad B too needy, block that bitch
Now she rings no caller
Six in the spin, it’s a Smith like Jorja
Better draw that chalker

Sip on Ace of Spades
Shell down shows in clubs, don’t dance
On Snapchat showin’ these diamonds
Now I’ve got peng ones sendin’ me hearts
This t-shirt made by Fendi
Bag on my jeans and I copped like twenty
Same Air Max, get trappy
I swear my old pairs got rubbed
I was savin’ shots, now my crep look newer
Cut me a cheque, I’m up
PYT, she’s penger than peng
Bro’s tryna front up her friend
Bro’s tryna front up her-
Bro’s tryna front up her-